Decline Analysis

This module presents all the classic options to fit production data and a great variety of tools to generate production forecasts.

Available decline types are Exponential, Hyperbolic, Harmonic, Hyperbolic with n Datum, and user-defined.

Sahara matches the data zone automatically, and its interactive nature is particularly useful for this kind of analysis.

decline analysis example

The user can obtain linear and exponential regressions as any variable can be defined on the X and Y axes.

Multiple Scenarios

Sahara can handle multiple matching scenarios, with different data domains and matching models for each one, in order to compare alternate sets of results.

Normalized Wells

Adjacent bands can be defined along the X axis to fit the behavior history of single wells, groups of wells, or well types at a given time zero.

Forecast Options

A number of options that can be used when making production forecasts are included for initial flow rates, starting dates and minimum decline rates.

Data Filters

Top and bottom limits can be defined to exclude data points from the calculation process. Likewise, specific data can be deleted individually.