The wellworks window displays the well logs, the successive interventions along time, open layers and the operations performed on them, such as perforations, cementations, flow tests and well completions.

The graphic layout of the different events allows the user to quickly understand the sequence of operations.

Perforated layers

An active well’s perforated zones during the wellwork are displayed in green, to the left of each diagram.

Perforations and cementations

The perforations and cementations performed during the wellwork are displayed to the right of the diagram.

Flow rate tests

The flow rate tests for each intervention are displayed, using square brackets to indicate the tested zone. The results for each test are shown as pie-bubbles, in which the flow rates for oil and water are displayed by means of proportional slices for each value.

Well completions

This window also displays the information associated with casing and production strings.

wellworks interface