PVT analyses have been developed in order to obtain the different parameters needed to describe the fluids behavior under different pressure, temperature and composition conditions. They are laboratory experiments that intend to represent the behavior and processes taking place during reservoir exploitation.

Sahara PVT Tool allows different ways to obtain PVT parameters depending on fluid type.

Experimental PVT

Load Black Oil, Gas Condensate and Volatile Oil experimental PVT analysis.

Eperimental pvt

Analyze and validate every type of experiment for each type of fluid.

pvt image table experimental pvt

Compare PVT experimental parameters with almost every published correlation(1). Generate PVT tables using the experimental data or after adjusting a thermodynamic simulator.

adjust pvt with correlations

Generate PVT tables for Black Oil, Dry, Wet and Condensate Gas and Water. Sahara proposes a wide variety of correlations for each type of fluid. Check correlations list at Sahara┤s PVT Manual.

External Data

Enter PVT tables from any source in order to use them in other Sahara tools.