Sahara provides multiple configurations for the production charts.

If the user wants to display information for a single well, it is sufficient to click on it in the map window.

To display information for a group of wells, the user must either shift-click on each of them or draw a polygon that encloses the wells under consideration.


The user can also select a set of wells based on different criteria, using any available production variable or static well attribute as e filter.

Chart Formats

Information for a group of wells can be displayed as the sum of the values for each well, individually for every well in the group (overlay), stacked along the Y-axis or as the group average.

Wells at Time Zero

The production history from a group of wells can be normalized by allowing the information from every well in the group to be referred to on a given date (Time Zero).

This date can be set according to different options: production start-up date, secondary recovery start-up date or any other user-defined date. This last option allows the user to perform workover evaluations.

Curve Selection

The user can choose to display any variable on the production charts Available options are:

  • Variable: Oil, Gas, Water, Liquid, Pressure, etc.
  • Production type: Total, Primary, Secondary, Associated.
  • Scenarios: Measured, Calculated, Injection alternatives or Forecasts.
  • Level: Well, Formation, Layer
  • Format: Calendar Day, Effective Day, Monthly, Cumulative.

Color, trace, marker, and style, can be selected individually for each curve.

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