Diagnostic Tools

Make use of a large array of diagnostic tools to manage and follow-up your waterflooding project or any other project.

Production Loss

For each well or a group of wells, this tool allows the user to compare production variables using different frecuency periods. The information is displayed as values and differences in tables and bar charts.

The comparison may be done:

  • Between different dates in a single scenario
  • Between two or more scenarios in different dates
production loss
Pattern Analysis

In different scenarios, this tool allows to work with producer patterns or injector patterns. The user can design the patterns automatically or manually and calculate their characteristic parameters (e.g. poral volumes, oil in place, number of wells by pattern, wells factors).

Additionally, some charts enable the visualization of the variables versus:

  • Time
  • Cumulative injection
  • Cumulative production
pattern analysis
Control Panel

The user can visualize a huge amount of information in charts and tables in an organized functional way. It should be noted that all charts and tables are highly configurable and have interaction among them and with other Sahara windows: when a well or group of wells is selected, they are highlighted in the other charts and moreover, their location in the map and set production curves are shown in the correspondent windows.

There are a lot of graphics available, including:

  • X-Y Charts: it can plot any monthly production data
  • Time-Variable: it can plot any monthly production data versus time
  • Well-Variable: it is a bar chart of the selected variable for a group of wells
  • ABC: it is an X-Y Chart to compare the temporal variation of two monthly production variables
  • Histogram: it is a graph of frequency with the number of wells in each interval according to the selected variable and scale
  • Hall Plot: this plot shows pressure multiplied by duration of injection versus the injected volume
  • Historic : it generates similar graphs to those of the Productions window
  • TreeMap: it gives a visualization of hierarchy
  • Bar Chart: this chart displays the historical evolution of one or more production variable
  • Qo vs Qw: it is an X-Y Chart with the quotient or difference of the oil flow versus water pre and post fracture/stimulation
pattern analysis