We aim to help participants achieve a good level of conceptual and practical knowledge of Sahara, in the working hypotheses as in loading data and project implementation.

This is the first and most basic training course any beginner user of Sahara should take. It teaches the process of building a new project and sorts through a large section of the software´s tools.

Users will learn in detail how this tool works, which methods it uses to calculate and what parameters need to be input in order to get a good history matching and a reliable forecast.

Our Geology training course focuses on the geological tools available within Sahara, allowing future/current geoscientist users to make better use of them and understand the inner workings of each calculation. This course lasts two days and will cover Log, Maps, Mapping, Cross Sections, Petrophysical and 3D tools among others.

This training course deals exclusively with the facilities module. Users will learn how to generate surface networks and update them monthly as new wells are added to the system or other elements are redirected or removed. They will also learn how to calculate pressure (and pressure loss) in every node of the network, as well as study and compare production and injection volumes in historical or forecast stages.

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