Explore Sahara

  • Well Management
    Well Management

    Sahara’s well management is simple and efficient. The minimum information required set-up a project is that of one well.

  • 3D Graphics
    3D Graphics

    There are tools for zoom and rotating 3D images, and many configuration options.

  • Location Analysis
    Location Analysis

    This tool allows the user to evaluate candidate locations for new wells, displaying information regarding the projected well path through the different layers and production data of neighboring wells.

  • Unconventional

    Sahara Unconventional is a complete suite of tools and methodologies exclusively designed to analyze unconventional resources data

  • Logs

    Sahara provides all the necessary tools to perform classical log interpretation and petrophysical analysis

  • Maps

    Display the usual maps (both exported from other software and generated in Sahara), or any other regular grid

  • Bubble Maps
    Bubble Maps

    All project variables can be visualized as bubble maps per well or layer. Multiple variables are allowed, as well as operations between them

  • Cross-Sections

    Obtain structural cross-sections easily defining a trace on the map and eventually selecting which layers to include in the section view

  • Polygons

    Use 2D line tools to group wells, select areas, calculate poral or HC volumes. Import, draw or modify fault lines, region borders, and any other limit

  • Decline Analysis
    Decline Analysis

    Apply easy decline curve analysis to historical well data to estimate best fit or user defined forecasts

  • Facilities

    Duplicate current or design new surface installations. Find bottle necks or plan facilities to manage future development plans

  • PVT

    Obtain PVT tables using every known method (correlation, thermodynamic simulator, external table). Validate experimental PVTs

  • Wellworks

    Visualize perforations, tests, stimulations in a simple window. Display data from each operation with one click

  • Montecarlo

    Deliver statistical results in scenarios with high uncertainty. Do sensitivity analysis in the waterflooding simulator

  • Diagnostic Tools
    Diagnostic Tools

    Make use of a large array of diagnostic tools to manage and follow-up your waterflooding project or, for that case, any other project

  • Analytical Simulator
    Analytical Simulator

    Use classical analytical methods to generate secondary recovery forecasts

  • Database Connectivity
    Database Connectivity

    Sahara can access information stored in commercial database systems by means of a configuration tool that allows the user to link project variables with the corresponding tables and columns.

  • Production

    Sahara provides multiple configurations for the production charts.

  • Material Balance
    Material Balance

    Sahara´s Material Balance tool allows fitting historical production data for Black Oil, Dry, Wet and Condensate Gas as well as helping to define the reservoir drive mechanisms

  • Schedule Tasks
    Schedule Tasks

    The schedule task tool allows to import data templates automatically, with a frequency and data range determined by the user